How to Lay Your Wig Flat

Have you ever wondered how these ladies manage to slay their wigs? They look so flat and realistic? Well we let you into their secrets!

Laying your wig flat is a two step process and the first most fundamental step is to prep your hair underneath, because if your own hair is not flat underneath, then no amount of smoothing will help you!

It is best to cornrow your hair under a wig, but if that is difficult, then you can use wig cap or a combination of both wig cap and cornrows.

Once your prep is done, now you need to flatten your wig – this is done best when you are not wearing it, so if you have a canvas wig block, that you can pin your wig onto that would be best.

Simply style the wig on the canvas wig block, in the style that you want to wear – you can then use some hair mousse to flatten the top – be generous when doing this as it will dry later.

Don’t forget to use a comb to smooth it out and then you can always dry it with a dryer if you don’t have time to wait for it to air dry.