Choosing the right lace for your wig

Ever heard of Swiss Lace, HD Lace, Korean Lace Thin Swiss Lace... the list is endless and most of the time, these names are interchangeable depending on which shop you are shopping at!

If you are wearing a lace wig or even thinking of getting a custom made wig, then you should really be paying attention to the lace that you are wearing.

In short the best thing about lace on a wig is that it is lightweight and in the hot summer months wearing a traditional Monofilament wig can leave you extremely hot and bothered.

Swiss Lace or HD Lace
So which lace type should you choose?  The most popular lace on the market now is HD Lace and Swiss Lace

The difference between them is the thickness, you can even see it in the photos below, if you choose swiss lace it will be a little thicker, but if you choose HD the lace will be thinner and more discrete.

If you want that flawless look where the lace is invisible, then HD is the choice you should make, although it can be very fragile and the lace can sheer and attract holes very easily.

Swiss lace has its advantages – not as fragile as HD, Swiss can be a durable option, and the hair on Swiss lace tends not to shed as much reducing bald patches on your precious wig.

Here at Stylish Lace Wigs we stock Swiss lace on all our lace wigs, to give your wig the longevity that they deserve.  If you do want something a little thinner then let us know and we can always custom make it for you