What is the most realistic lace front wig?

The lopsided wig! The wig that has a chunky hairline - you know the one that should never be worn!!!! Take a read and learn how to make your lace wig look natural!

If you are looking for a realistic lace wig, then you want it to be undetectable when people are up close, and there are a few things to consider here.


All hair is tied onto lace, the thinner the lace the less detectable the lace will be when people are looking closely at your hairline. A popular lace you will see now is HD (high definition), this lace is very sheer and extremely discreet when worn.

Bleached Knots

You also need to consider a lace wig that has bleached knots, if you are choosing darker coloured hair. Remember with a lace wig each strand of hair is tied onto the lace – this means that it is possible to see these knots through the high definition lace. If the knots are bleached, then they will be a lighter colour and would look less noticeable up close.

Natural Looking Parting

Another giveaway that you are wearing a wig is the parting. Most times if you part your own hair you can see some scalp, but that of course depends on how thick your own hair is. If the knots have been bleached – you should get a very nice look, like the photo below